July 13 – 23, 2017

Flovilla, Georgia

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IS-Place-Carved-Cross-from-TreeEveryone is invited to attend our campmeeting July 13-23, 2017.  We welcome our neighbors from Jackson, Flovilla, Forsyth and surrounding areas to participate in our worship services and activities.

Visitors' Page         What is Campmeeting?          Daily Schedule

A campmeeting is simply a place where people gather for ten days each year for spiritual commitment and growth in their relationship with God.

Throughout the day, there are Christian worship services and Bible studies on our campground.  Our programming includes a variety of outstanding ministries and activities for all ages.  Our evangelists and Bible teachers are nationally known speakers from many colleges, seminaries and mission organizations in the Wesleyan holiness tradition. 

Indian Springs is evangelical and non-denominational.  We have been a part of historical Butts County for 125 years! 

Finding a Sense of Community by Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse

...We could hear the growing excitement in his voice as James, our 12-year old grandson, asked us to slow down so he could take a picture of the entrance of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting in Flovilla, Georgia.  His granddad, not quite keyed into what was coming down, stopped, thinking James would want to get a good angle for his picture, but James exclaimed, "No, no, don't stop, I got the picture.  Keep going!"

He was sitting on the edge of the backseat, clearly eager to get to our cabin to see the friends he hadn't seen in a year. As we approached the cabin, he spotted his friends running to greet him.  He urged my husband to stop in the middle of the road and jumped out even as the car stopped rolling.  The drive suddenly didn't seem so long and tiring as our spirits fed off their excitement as they yelled greetings and ran to hug each other.

After nearly a decade, it's become a familiar ritual.  Our grandkids count the days and keep social media hot all year long with messages back and forth among their friends.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

(An article by Dr. Janice Crouse, published in American Thinker, August 10, 2016; used with permission.)

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Marcia Pavey Honored for 32 Years of Service

On Saturday night, July 16, 2016, the entire Main Tabernacle stood and cheered to honor Marcia Pavey for her annointed leadership of the Nursery and Bible Porch ministries.  For 32 years, Marcia has managed Indian Springs' effective program for Infants and Children.

Each year, she and her dedicated assistants presented biblically based curriculum to our smallest campers with the belief that these little ones can love Jesus and understand Bible verses.  Hundreds of parents and grandparents were able to participate in our Bible study and three daily worship services because Marcia was caring for and teaching their children.

Steve Luce, President, remarked:  "Marcia's decades of service have impacted nearly everyone in the Indian Springs family.  She either taught you about the Bible or has taught one of your children!  Her influence will continue to be felt for generations!"

The evening that Marcia was recognized for her service, Joy Griffin, Chairman of the Nursery Ministry, presented Marcia with a lovely commerorative clock.  Marcia's daughter, Nicole Pavey Butler, is the new director of the Nursery and Bible Porch.

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Painting with a Passion

Hannah Griffin, artist in Atlanta, Georgia, developed an extremely unique fund-raiser for Indian Springs missions!  She developed a painting collection of nostalgic scenes of the campground:  The interior of the Main Tabernacle, the Bell Tower, the Circuit Rider Street Signs and the Front Entrance.

With the approval of the Board of Trustees, a silent auction was held for the sale of these paintings.  Framed prints of these scenes were also available for purchase in the Book Store.

In addition, Hannah painted a moving portrait of Christ called "Throne of Crown" during two worship services in the Main Tabernacle.  This lovely portrait was also part of the silent auction.  Through these five paintings, Hannah helped raise over $8,000 for missions.  

When asked if she was nervous about painting live in front of an audience, Hannah replied, "During a live painting, my brush strokes are guided and my heart is calmed.  When your eyes are on Christ, nothing else seems important."

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Safe in the Time of Storm

When Matt and Lori Hearn, along with their two children, left the campground this past summer to return to their home and pastorate in Pooler, Georgia, they had no idea that threatening weather circumstances would bring them back on the campground this fall.

On the weekend of October 7, 2016, Hurricane Matthew swept up the Eastern coast of the US, displacing millions of people.  The Hearns, watching the pathway of the deadly storm,sought refuge at their cottage on the campground.

They invited several families within their church to also come.  Cottage holders Laurence Coppedge, Helen Rhea Stumbo and Rob Roy MacGregor opened their cottages to families needing a safe place to ride out the storm.  On Sunday, many of the Savannah-area residents were still on the campground.  Matt gathered his flock into the Main Tabernacle and experienced preaching there for the first time!  Several Board of Trustee families were also on the campground and attended this special service.

Somel of the visiting families had never been on the campground before and want to return when camp is in session this next summer!  The Hearns returned to their home to find it safe and unharmed by the storm.

Missionary Stories of Dedication

Leaving your family behind for years in a foreign culture is tough.  And one that is openly hostile to the Gospel message?  That is really tough.

What is it like to rely on the financial support of others while you do God's Work?  And your family?  Children get sick. You may be miles away from any doctor.  What's that like?

What is it like to see the miracles that the Gospel can work in the lives of everday people?  What's it like to save a soul? Or a life that would otherwise have been lost?

Our WGM missionaries know the answers to these questions.  And Indian Springs has a chance to hear the stories.  To rejoice in their victories.

Dr. Hiram Johnson, Missions Chairman, challenges you:  Sit with our missionary families during camp.  Hear their stories.  Pray with them.  Donate.  Help make a difference!

Missionary Day at Indian Springs is Thursday, July 20, 2017. OMS Missionaries will speak at all services.

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Finding a Place to Serve - Tour of Cottages

Cottage Tour:  Saturday, July 15m 2917; 1 - 3 pm; get Information at the Bookstore.

When Stephanie Vinson and Kristen Hoots learned that the founders of The Cottage Tour wanted to "pass the baton" to new organizers, they enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to step in.  The creative leadership of this event originated with Joyce Redwine Hayes and various family members in 2013.

Kristen and Stephanie, both from Fort Valley, Georgia, had sought a way to serve Indian Springs for a couple of years. The historical aspects of the various cottages intrigued them.

However, Stephanie explains that the deeper opportunity for participants of the tour is to learn about other camp families and their experiences of campmeeting.  She feels that there is definitely a "fellowship aspect" about the Tour.  She reflects, "I enjoy seeing other cabins and meeting people from the campground.  If I just hang around people I know, I'll miss out on stories of God's work among others."

She and Kristen believe the Cottage Tour can help our camp family get to know one another.  It's also an important form of community outreach to those who aren't familiar with Indian Springs.

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Tribute to Norris McKenzie, Board Member:  1972 - 2014

IS Portrait Mr. Norris Miss Jean Cropped NEvery day for 30 years, for three meals a day during campmeeting, the Indian Springs family could count on being fed and welcomed by Norris McKenzie.  As a trustee managing the Cafeteria, Norris took his position on the board as a sacred call to service.

Each year he made a thorough list of items that needed to be addressed at the Cafeteria before, during and after campmeeting to ensure the facility was ready for service.  The Cafeteria was not his, but he treated it with special care as though it were a family business.  He often enlisted the entire family in Cafeteria duties, sometimes working late into the night, painting, knife sharpening and dish washing!

In 1952 Jean Lancaster was a campmeeting bride when she wed Norris at the Glenn Tabernacle.  In 2002, Jean and Norris celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with the Indian Springs community on the campground.

No matter how busy our family was with the Cafeteria, our grandfather instilled in us the importance of being in worship services - both to learn from the speakers and to hear from God.  The Banter and McKenzie Grandchildren

After retiring from the Air Force where he served in WWII, Norris was involved in the insurance business, later working Security at Blue Bird Body Company.

He passed away in December 2014 after a long illness.  Norris is survived by his loving wife, Jean, two children, Norrie (Lynn) McKenzie and Mary Jean (Ken) Banter, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

"Well done, thou good & faithful servant!"

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Who Invited You to Come to Indian Springs?

In God's timing, there are no coincidences.

Marcia Pavey, Indian Springs Nursery Director:  In the summer of 1984, Indian Springs Treasurer Hoyed Davis asked Marcia to assist with the nursery program at Indian Springs.  It was a 'last minute request', but 31 years later, Marcia and her daughter, Nicole, are involved win children's work at Indian Springs with our smallest campers.  Marcia states it is gratifying to be teaching the children of the children she taught 20 years ago!

Dr. Ken Banter, Educator & Board Member:  In 1977, Ken was a student at Asbury and had never heard of campmeeting.  Coach Cecil Zweifel asked him to be a Youth Counselor and Life Guard at Indian Springs.  Fellow student, Mary Jean McKenzie, was also a counselor.  They began a dating relationship after that and married in 1980

Ken is so grategul that his path crossed with Coach Zweifel's.  He and his family have attended Indian Springs for 35 years.


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The Holiness of Hospitality

IS Stock Clip Art Coffee MugRocking on the porch...sipping ice tea...talking about the grandkids over a leisurely lunch...drinking Peach Shakes from the Snackateria.

Consider the nuances of campmeeting hospitality.  In this relaxed environment, the casual "How are you?" exchanges can develop into authentic, life-altering conversations. Board Member Joe Peabody shares an insightful philosophy about campmeeting hospitality:

The people who visit Indian Springs will listen to a thirty minute sermon after having spent an hour or more on our porches," he said.  "What other opportunities do we have as we share meals, fellowship or conversations that will result in 'life to life' impact with friends and family who visit our homes on the campground?"

Campmeeting offers more than a worship service.  A spiritual experience or renewal, combined with the gift of hospitality, creates structures of a Christian community and understanding of how to live a Christian life upon returning home.

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Humphreys Join Our Children's Ministry

IS Portrait HumphreysCharles and Eva Humphrey of Madison, Mississippi, are a dynamic team with hearts for Christ.  Their love and compassion for others overflow to their church, community and family.  the Humphreys are enthusiastic about directing our Children's Ministry.

Charles is a graduate of Wesley Biblical Seminary with a B.S. in Biblical Literature.  he works in the Madison County Youth Court system, counseling juveniles addicted to drugs.  He has the opportunity to disciple teens he meets in court, showing them the love of Christ.

Eva has a background in fashion.  Her passion is working as Children's Director at Holy Trinity Anglican Church.  She is also involved in a ministry called "Light in the Darkness" with local women.

The Humphreys have been married for eight years and have two children.  Their third child is to be born soon - July 31!

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BookStore Receives Renovation 

IS Bookstore Ribbon Cutting Cropped NAlison Weeks, designer from Cabbagetown, Georgia, created a refreshing and functional bookstore for Indian Springs shoppers in 2015.  The new design also made the store easier to manage for the McGinnis family staff.

Sleek store fixtures are mobile and adaptable to different areas within the store.  A coffee machine is featured with K-cups purchasable at the register.  An apparel wall showcases 5K T-shirts and display other commerorative products.

Every detail was planned to enhance the shopping experience.  Great job, Ali! 

Stop by this newly created space and shop for books, gifts and refreshments.

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New 3 BR/2 Bath Cottage Floorplans Introduced

Susanna Publisher All Full Plans GreySusanna Homes has developed three new 3BR/2 Bath floorplans to accommodate larger families. During camp last year, several families discussed the reality of requiring more bedrooms.

See all the new floorplans.

The features of these 3 BR/2 Bath cottages are:

  • Bunkrooms for higher sleeping capacity.  If multiple bunk beds are used, the cottages can accomodate up to 14-16 people!
  • Bathrooms with shared access and private Toilet/Tub area to help with 'the morning rush'!
  • Open Kitchen, Living & Dining areas
  • Easy-to-maintain, scrubbable finishes
  • Three kitchen appliances:  Dishwasher, Refrigerator & Stove
  • Great storage for baby beds, cots, linens & suitcases!

The cottages can be purchased and installed through Rainbow Homes of Augusta, GA. Financing is available.  The new floorplans range in square footage from approximately 1,040 - 1,093 square feet.  Pricing information will be provided at camp.

For more information: Sarah Luce @ (502) 751.7478 or sluce9@yahoo.com

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Asbury University Scholarship Developed for Indian Springs Youth

The family of the late Joseph P. Luce has created the JPL Scholarship Fund for Indian Springs youth who have been involved at Indian Springs and who plan to attend Asbury University.


'Papa Joe' Luce truly loved Indian Springs.  His grandfather, Rev. George W. Mathews, was one of the four founders of Indian Springs, which meant that campmeeting was a large part of Joe's family's summer-time experiences.  Joe attended campmeeting all his life.  He served on the Board of Trustees for 50 years and was President from 1990-2000.  He left his mark on all aspects of the camp.

He also loved Asbury College [University], where he graduated in 1950.  Over his lifetime, Joe enabled many young people to attend Asbury.

In-coming freshmen interested in qualifying for this scholarship must be accepted by the University and must also certify their active participation in the youth program at Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting by February 1, 2017. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at Asbury University for specific details.

Asbury University announces that the second Indian Springs scholarship has been awarded to Victoria Mason (Mackenzi) from Winchester, KY, in 2015. Congratulations, Mackenzi!   The 2014 scholarship was awarded to Mary Nell Sparks.

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