July 13 – 23, 2017

Flovilla, Georgia

Area Attractions

IS Building Jackson SignThe proximity of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting to many area attractions such as a state park and historical village with recreational options, shops and restaurants makes our location ideal for leisure activities with family and friends.

Area Accommodations

  • Flovilla, GA: Holloway Cottages @ (770) 775-5350
  • Jackson, GA: Plantation Inn & Suites @ (770) 504-8811
  • Jackson, GA: Days Inn @ (770) 504-8100

City of Jackson, GA

Jackson is the closest community to Indian Springs Holiness Camp Ground, just five miles away. Patrons of the camp visit Jackson for day to day goods and services when Camp Meeting is taking place. Jackson has a rich history dating back to 1825. Many locations in Jackson are historic landmarks and are on the historical register.

Butts County Historical Society

A dynamic group of citizens within the Jackson, GA – Butts County, GA area are spearheading activities to preserve important historical sites within their community. This group has been behind the efforts to maintain the older buildings such as the Indian Springs Hotel and the Indian Springs Chapel.

Indian Springs State Park

This Park is thought to be the oldest state park in the nation. Creek Indians used the medicinal springs for centuries to heal the sick. Today, visitors can still sample the spring water while enjoying the park's cottages, camping, swimming, fishing and boating.

The Village at Indian Springs

“Relaxing, Rejuvenating, Refreshing” - three of the most common words to describe Geogia's newest destination. Located within 2 miles of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Grounds, this intriguing village offers family-friendly leisure and historical attractions combined with shopping and dining opprtunities. A visit to the Village is like a step back in time!

Dausset Trails Nature Center

This private, non-profit nature center is based on environmental education and is open for all to enjoy. The 1,200 acres of scenic woods, fields, creeks and lakes with wildlife, biking and hiking trails offer quiet moments to appreciate nature at her finest.

High Falls State Park

The former site of a prosperous industrial town in the early 1800's, park visitors today enjoy the scenic waterfall on the Towaliga River and hike to the remaining grist mill foundation.