July 13 – 23, 2017

Flovilla, Georgia

The Indian Springs Camp Meeting Heritage

On December 26, 1890, four Methodist ministers knelt in a densely wooded area near Jackson, Georgia. Their hearts were deeply burdened with the commitment to establish a camp meeting to communicate the message of Scriptural holiness to local church pastors. The result was Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting, one of the premier holiness encampments in the United States today.

The four founders of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting were:  W.A. Dodge, H.A. Hodges, J.H. Curry and George W. Mathews.

From this original concept, the evangelical outreach of the Camp Meeting has influenced persons in all walks of life for 125 years.   See 125th Year Celebration that occurred in 2015.

What is Camp Meeting? "Ten Days, Each Year"


We Believe:

Indian Springs Founders PlaqueScripture:

  • The Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, providing authoritative guidance for every challenge and experience of life.


  • All are under the penalty of sin, but God's redemptive plan provides salvation for everyone who believes in Jesus Christ.


  • Sanctification is a second definite work of grace following salvation, which cleanses our hearts from the power of sin, and continues as a process of growing more Christ-like in everyday living.

The Holy Spirit:

  • The Holy Spirit provides the sanctified believer the power to grow more like Christ in his daily walk.

Our Complete Statement of Faith

Thane UryEach summer since 1890...

Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting has faithfully proclaimed the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition of Biblical holiness, as taught by John Wesley and the early Methodists. Indian Springs Camp Meeting continues to present a message that is relevant to all aspects of contemporary Spiritual life.

The camp welcomes everyone, regardless of denominational affiliation, who seeks to experience the fullness of God's grace and to grow in spiritual maturity.

The tradition continues: God still blesses the work of Indian Springs today. From its altars, many generations have been challenged to a deeper walk with Christ. Many have gone into full-time Christian service as pastors or missionaries. Countless others, young and old alike, have given witness to the message of holiness in their daily lives, at home, church, workplace and all other aspects of their communities.

Indian Springs is independent and non-denominational. Worship services combine the best of old-time camp meeting singing with powerful preaching by the leading evangelists and Bible teachers of the day. It is the flagship campground for the holiness movement in the South and is the largest camp within the state of Georgia.

See New Georgia Encyclopedia: Camp Meeting Grounds for an excellent history of camp meetings in Georgia.