July 13 – 23, 2017

Flovilla, Georgia

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 125th Celebration (occurred in 2015)

Golf Cart Notice - IMPORTANT

Effective 2017, Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting will no longer coordinate golf carts on the campground. Reservations and delivery of golf carts must be taken care of by individuals using them. 

It is necessary to register your golf cart in the Business Office. The Board of Trustees reminds everyone that only persons with legal licenses may drive golf carts on the campground.  Help keep our campground safe!

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Consider Planned Giving to Indian Springs

IS-Istock-Calculator-CroppedWhether you are taking those first important steps toward planning your estate or you are in the process of updating your plan, Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting can answer various questions about these important financial matters.

As Christians involved in God's kingdom, we are called to support those ministries that have provided spiritual help during our lives.  Ron Houp, Indian Springs Board Member, can help you develop a Christ-centered estate plan that honors God and sustains His work.

Ron comes into the role of Development Chairman at Indian Springs with years of experience in fundraising and strategic direction to non-profit ministries.  His specialties include individual small business tax planning and personal financial management.

Through godly parents and grandparents, Ron and his wife, Kathy, have attended Indian Springs for many years. Ron and Kathy consider it a privilege to be involved at Indian Springs.  Ron is happy to assist any member of the Indian Springs family in the matter of planned giving.  All inquiries are completely confidential.

IS-Portrait-Houp-in-Suit-Grey-Scale-CroppedRon Houp  ron@ronhoup.com  859.948.1470

Ron has expertise in Planned Giving in these areas:  Cash Gifts, Stocks & Securities, Employer Matching Gift Programs, CFC (federal/military workers) and Gift Planning through your will.

Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting is a recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit ministry and all gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. 

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"Family Finances"....our Camp Budget Explained

iStock 000007217972SmallIndian Springs’ greatest financial needs occur 4-6 weeks before camp and during it.  When routine monthly contributions are received, our cash flow is greatly eased.  There are many necessary purchases and repairs yet to be completed before camp meeting begins in July.

Two ways to give: Secure Online Giving

Mail Your Donation/Pledge:

Indian Springs Treasurer
PO Box 1742
Mableton, GA  30126

Our Annual Budgetis includes year round maintenance, salaries and expenses as well as the cost of camp meeting for ten days.  It also includes infrastructure additions and maintenance, insurance, utilities, repair, security and salaries.

  • Annual Budget:  approximately $360,000
  • Monthly Expenses:  approxomately $30,000

The Annual Budget does not include capital improvements needed repair and renovation projects.  Funds for capital improvements may come from donations, special memorials and/or the Annual Budget.

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Since 1890, each generation has prayerfully worked to ensure that the legacy of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting may be passed to the succeeding generation.  While growing various ministries, the financial means to maintain and build new facilities on the campground has always been found.  Even during the most challenging times of the 1920's Depression, camp meeting met each year. 

As we maneuver through another difficult economical period, the Board of Trustees has introduced a program called GIVE MONTHLY.   The focus on routine, monthly giving will ease our cash flow during the year; it will also enable the Board to do what each generation has done on behalf of the campground for over 125 years:        

Maintain - Repair - Renovate - Expand.

Give-Monthly-logo grad 3

See Budget Information

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Holiness Campmeeting Directory

This interesting directory provides information about a number of camps throughout the United States.  

So, if you are not able to attend Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting, we hope you can find anothe camp that brings spiritual nourishment and refreshment! 

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Honduras Missions Team Returns

Our missions team returned home safely from a ten day trip to Choluteca, Honduras on February 2015.  While the United States was blasted with artic weather below zero, this determined team hoisted concrete buckets and lifted massive steel beams in 100 degree heat!

This year's construction project involved home expansions for two young missionary couples with new babies.  Our Indian Springs team worked with mission team workers from Ohio and local Hondurans to engineer an ingenius pulley system for lifting materials to the third floor building site.  With God's help, the impossible became possible.

In Honduras, children may not attend school without uniforms or books.  The Lizzie Project funded 47 scholarships to supply these necessities.  Backpacks and shoes were also provided.  For our fourth year, our team interfaced with Lizzie, a Honduran child, her family and neighbors. The best part about working with the children was giving and receiving hugs! 

IS Honduras Mission Team 2014 N

Our team served with Larry and Angie Overholt, career missionaries associated with WGM.  The team also enjoyed participating in local church services and minstry within the community.

Team Members (Back Row L-R):  Kevin Burlew, Joe Peterson, Darci Burlew, Wes Roberts, Duell Stone, Robert Pagel, Lori Byrd, Tom Byrd.

Team Members (Seated L-R):  Rob Roy MacGregor, Rhonda Holton, Jonna Hundley

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