The Vision

Susanna Homes, LLC, serves as developer of affordable cottages on our campground in conjunction with the Board of Trustees.

The cottages are quality turnkey manufactured homes, value priced and take the headaches out of building a home on the campground.  Approximately 4-5 months is required for the entire process!  Build a new home in time for Camp Meeting 2019 (July 11-21, 2019)

The new neighborhood is located at the junction of Second Street and Swift Avenue on the campground. See Site Plan for available lots.

Great effort will be taken to preserve the  wooded appeal of lots and to have green spaces for children can safely play.

Shown below is the Savannah Cottage, a 2 BR-2 Bath Cottage.

Named for Susanna Wesley…..

Susanna Homes, LLC, honors Susanna Wesley, the mother of Charles and John Wesley.  In her busy life as a wife and mother in the mid 1700s, she found time to love, nurture, educate and impart spiritual training to all of her children. This was a very significant accomplishment, as she had 19 children!

Susanna Wesley planted tender seeds in her children’s hearts that led to the Methodist Movement through John and Charles Wesley.  We are blessed with our holiness heritage today at Indian Springs because of Susanna Wesley’s Christ-centered commitment and priorities to her family.

Who’s Who in the Cottage Project

There are several professional entities involved in the Cottage Project at Indian Springs Holiness Campground:

Susanna Homes, LLC:  The developer of the cottages is Susanna Homes.  The new cottages will be located in a neighborhood  near Swift Avenue and Second Avenue on the campground.  Responsibilities:

  • Develops floorplans and architectural direction for the Cottage Project.
  • Provides general information about cottage floorplans and the sales process to our campmeeting families.
  • Facilitates information on behalf of Rainbow Homes, who will sell, install and service the cottages.
  • Works with Indian Springs Buildings & Grounds on overall development of the new neighborhood.
  • Questions?  Contact Sarah Luce @ 502.751.7478

Susanna Homes, LLC, does not provide specific pricing information on the cottage homes due to the many variables of design options and individual customer preferences. Rainbow Homes provides sales and installation prices.

Rainbow Homes:  Campmeeting families will actually purchase their home from Rainbow Homes of Augusta, GA. Rainbow Homes is a licensed dealer of Destiny Industries houses, who manufactures the homes.  Rainbow Homes will sell, install and service the cottage homes.

Hugh Barrow is the owner of Rainbow Homes, offering leadership and knowledge about the entire home-building process to our campmeeting families.  Hugh has been on our campground several times and looks forward to assisting campmeeting families in this process.

Contact Hugh Barrow @ 706.738.9093

Sales Services of Rainbow Homes to Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting Customers:

  • Provides knowledge about manufactured homes, what to expect, how the process works
  • Explains designer options, upgrades of options, kitchen cabinets, roof selections, finish selections, etc.
  • Provides specific pricing information
  • Financing is available

Installation Services of Rainbow Homes to Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting Customers:

  • Coordinates information to Butts County Zoning about the home
  • “Set-up” of the home once it arrives on the campground
  • Pours footers and connects water/sewage lines
  • Coordinates miscellaneous interior and exterior carpentry work
  • Installs underpinning
  • Other services as described by Rainbow Homes

About Destiny Industries

The new cottages at Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting are manufactured homes, built by Destiny Industries. Destiny Industries brings over 40 years of expertise to the manufactured home business. Without their willingness to ‘think outside the box’, the new cottages would not be a possibility for Indian Springs.

Destiny co-owner, Bob Qurnell, worked extensively with the design team to adapt his product to the Indian Springs cottages.  Mr. Qurnell was tireless in the planning process, offering leadership and expertise in each phase.

Destiny Industries has served Indian Springs in an innovative manner, expanding the possibility of affordable housing to Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting families.

About Peek Design Group

Dale Peek, founder of Peek Design Group in Acworth, Georgia, was selected to assist with this project because of his heart and understanding of Christian organizations. Dale’s knowledge in craftsman architecture of the early 1900’s has been resourcefully applied to the Indian Springs cottages. As an accomplished woodworker, Dale aspired to create a simple architectural style to complement the other cottages on the campground.

Lauren Finley, an architectural designer at Peek Design Group, created many of the architectural details and color palettes for the cottages. Lauren’s extraordinary vision for the project always kept a watchful eye on the existing Indian Springs community, while creating a new vision of living spaces on our campground.