Sponsored by the Children’s Ministry as a fund-raiser for our annual missionaries, the Tour of Cottages includes access to an interesting cross-section of large and small cottages. Typically, an administrative building that is part of the campground ministries is also featured. Historical information is given about each cottage.

Our Indian Springs cottages are as varied as their owners, coming in all shapes and sizes.  Each cottage or building has a docent to explain the cottage’s history and unusual features about the home. Enjoy touring these unique homes, learning about them and the families who live there.

General Information

  • Tour of Cottages:  Sunday, July 14, 2019; 1:00 – 3:00 pm; get tickets at Bookstore.  You will see approximately 5-6 cottages and/or campmeeting buildings – to be announced.

About the Event Organizers – Stephanie Vinson and Kristen Hoots! These energetic women from Fort Valley, Georgia, have stepped into the leadership role of the Tour of Cottages.  The original vision as cast by Joyce Redwine Hayes and Team remains intact.

Stephanie and Kristen believe that the Tour of Cottages can help the Indian Springs camp family get to know one another better.  As our neighbors in Butts County and surrounding areas are welcome to participate, the event is also community outreach.

Special thanks are expressed to Joyce Redwine Hayes, Heather Hayes Chandler, Susan McCrary, Sharon McCrary, Natalie Ward and others who have given their time, creativity and expertise to make this a very meaningful event at Indian Springs.

It All Began…

The creative idea for the Tour of Cottages originated in 2013 when Joyce Redwine Hayes, Natalie Ward, Heather Hayes, Susan McCrary and Sharon McCrary, were discussing the uniqueness of the Indian Springs cottages.  The women observed:

No one judges anyone else for the type of cabins we have or how we live at campmeeting.  This was a remarkable realization leading to a desire to see inside these cabins.  We became really excited about the possibilities of a cottage tour.” 

Our Heritage of Cottage Hospitality

Within the first 3-4 years of our camp’s founding in 1890, the Board of Trustees began encouraging people to invest in a cottage-home at Indian Springs.  At that time, many people stayed in portable tents when they came to campmeeting, but larger, more permanent structures were necessary for the camp to grow. 

Owning a cottage at campmeeting was considered a means of evangelism! If a person had a cottage, then they could invite other friends and family to come to camp.  Thus, cottages became a way for more people to hear about and experience the blessings of the holiness message taught at Indian Springs.

Cottage Revivalism. This form of revivalism has been going on at Indian Springs for over 125 years, Some of the larger homes built at the turn of the 20th century were designed to accommodate numerous guests. These older homes had huge sleeping porches and dining halls that could sleep 30-50 people! Many hundreds of people have heard the gospel at Indian Springs because someone at campmeeting purposely opened their home to guests.

Each cottage – whether large or small – is an opportunity to broaden the ministry and blessings of Indian Springs.