About Us

The Ladies’ Fellowship encompasses a broad range of activities and projects that engage the women of Indian Springs in fellowship, retreats, prayer ministry and discipleship.  Activities occur during camp meeting and during the year.

The hundred-year-plus history of The Ladies’ Fellowship is rich in its contribution and support of the campground.

The Ladies’ Fellowship is open to all women.  If interested in becoming a part of The Ladies’ Fellowship, contact Rhonda Holton: nnprhonda_2000@yahoo.com

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Projects of the Ladies’ Fellowship

Retreats & Discipleship Activities:  As the outreach of the Ladies’ Fellowship continues to grow, we are excited to stay more closely connected through retreats, spiritual encouragement and social media.  Watch this site for more news about activities and dates!

Involvement with Missions:  In recent years, The Ladies’ Fellowship has become more involved in missions. Some women have participated in The Lizzie Project which provides backpacks and school scholarships for children in Choluteca, Honduras.

During camp, women have the opportunity to meet and talk with our missionaries, learning about their international ministry.

The Legacy Lady Project – Honoring our Past – Leaving a Legacy:  This unique history project celebrates the lives of Indian Springs women who have impacted their families, friends and the ministry of the campmeeting over the years. Funds raised from this project contribute to the beautification and hospitality needs of the campground.               

Beautification of Campground:  Through raised funds from the Legacy Lady Project, many areas on the campground now have lovely landscaping. Recent examples are landscaped areas by the Main Tabernacle, the Memorial Building and the Front Entrance.

Hospitality to our Workers & Their Families:  Our goal is for various workers and their family members to stay in comfortable accommodations. Prior project funds have provided renovations for the John R. Church Building and some furnishings for the Papa Joe Lodge.

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History of the Ladies’ Fellowship:  100 years of Service – 1911-2011

Happy Birthday, Ladies’ Fellowship:  Our 2011 camp meeting marked the centennial of the Indian Springs Ladies’ Fellowship, originally known as the Women’s Auxiliary. Founded in 1911 as a hospitality ministry, the Women’s Auxiliary provided chimney lamps, pitchers and maid service to evangelists and other workers.

In 1940, the Board of Trustees recognized the Women’s Auxiliary as an official ministry of the camp meeting. Their purpose at that time was to care for preachers, musicians and their families. A free-will offering taken each year was used for the upkeep of the Workers’ Cottages and to pay for furniture, kitchen equipment and linens. Membership was open to any interested woman attending camp meeting.

An Expanded Outreach:  Our camp history for the 1990 Centennial Celebration explained that the role of the organization had expanded. The Women’s Auxiliary was routinely providing flowers and decorations for the Main Tabernacle and planting shrubs for the beautification of the grounds. It also helped to provide toys and needed linens for the Nursery. Support for our missionary families had become an important part of the ministry.

Renamed the Ladies’ Fellowship in 2009, this dynamic ministry now encompasses these activities: prayer retreats, Fast Prayer Meetings during camp meeting, the Annual Luncheon held on the 1st Monday of each camp, and The Lizzie Project. The Ladies’ Fellowship sponsors our unique Legacy Lady Project which honors women who have made a difference at Indian Springs.