Project Overview

The Lizzie Project is a ministry which provides educational opportunities for children in Honduras.  It was founded in 2009 by Rhonda Holton, President of The Ladies’ Fellowship of Indian Springs.

The “umbrella of projects” involves ministry to families in Choluteca, Honduras:

  • Backpack ministry, school uniforms and school supplies
  • Scholarships for K-12 school children
  • Scholarships for local vocational school and nursing school students
  • Ministry within the local Shalom Church, loving people and sharing Christ
  • Donate Scholarships through WGM

Mission Trip – February 8 – 20, 2018

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Shown L-R are Duell Stone, Joe Peterson, Marcus Borders, Rhonda Holton, Daniel Boyette, Lizell Peterson, Kathy Ferguson and Rob Roy MacGregor.

The 8-person Mission Team departed Thursday, February 8, 2018, from the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.  They will be serving in Choluteca, Honduras, through The Lizzie Project which provides scholarships, uniforms, school supplies and backpacks for children in Honduras.  The Lizzie Project is in association with the work of WGM and Angie & Larry Overholt, missionaries in Honduras.

While in Honduras, the team will be involved in various aspects of ministry.  Ministry work includes village outreach, Sunday School ministry, Bible Study, giving out pizzas and hugs!

What Does the Mission Team Do?

The Indian Springs Mission Team goes on a mission trip to Choluteca, Honduras each year for ten days.  At the heart of The Lizzie Project is a backpack and scholarship program for underprivileged school children.  Outreach to various villages, churches and hospitals is part of the ministry.  The annual mission team occasionally becomes involved with some repair or renovation projects for WGM buildings.

Skill sets of all types are welcome and can be applied! Construction expertise is not a prerequisite! The team interfaces with WGM missionaries, Larry and Angie Overholt, as well as other ministry teams and personnel.  As in all mission trips, the ability to be flexible and to pitch in wherever needed is necessary!

Work skills that can typically be applied on a Honduras mission trip are:

  • Home & Office:  Assistance in kitchen, laundry, vocational school; general organization in office
  • Local Ministry:  Assistance with crafts, kids’ activities, giving hugs (and receiving them!); participation in church services
  • Worship:  Musical abilities, giving one’s testimony, sharing
  • Technology:  Photography or videography
  • Shopping:  Locally for various supplies
  • Building:  Moving materials, building, repairing, cleaning, painting

The most important “mission ingredient” is a heart for the Lord and sharing His love.

Future Dreams & Aspirations for The Lizzie Project:  Titus Women, a division of The Francis Asbury Society, is partnering with The Lizzie Project to provide the written Word to Choluteca, Honduras. They have offered their books and materials free.  We are praying and raising money for a printing press.  The cost is approximately $20,000.  The press will:

  • Provide jobs
  • Help the local economy flourish
  • Provide WGM Vocational School materials, community health materials, Sunday School material and books to aid spiritual growth.

Contact Rhonda Holton if you have questions.  See Honduras Information.

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The Lizzie Project History

Mission teams from Indian Springs began assisting Larry and Angie Overholt, WGM missionaries in Honduras, in 2009. The Overholts are career missionaries directing community development projects, church planting and conducting various outreach ministries in Honduras.

Rhonda Holton, ministry founder, was first inspired “to do something” after a trip to Honduras.

Lizzie, the oldest child in the photo (top), inspired the founding of this project. Lizzie’s family’s and her grandmother’s living conditions called attention to housing needs in Choluteca.  Seeing the unhealthy and unsafe home put a spark in Rhonda’s heart; she began to wonder what could be done to help.  The ministry started with initial assistance with school scholarships and backpacks.  As The Lizzie Project continued to grow, home building/improvement became part of the venue of projects.

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Building in Honduras – The Impossible Mission made Possible

This video shows work by the Indian Springs mission team on their annual visit to Choluteca in 2014.  Our team worked with various members of the Ohio team on the construction project.  The 2014 project consisted of building two additions for staff missionary homes which needed extra space due to the births of their first children.

In the United States, this project would not be difficult; however, with no concrete trucks or mixers or many other tools, there were numerous challenges. The 3rd floor building site required all materials and supplies to be MANUALLY hoisted by an ingeniously-designed pulley system.  A daunting task in 100 degree heat!

Heart-felt thanks is expressed to Kevin Burwell for making our Honduras videos.                        Top of Page

The Simplest Things Bring Such Joy!

Team members agree that one of the best parts of a trip to Honduras is giving and receiving hugs when the backpacks are handed out!

Due to the expense of backpacks, these are purchased in the States and brought to Honduras.  Funds contributed by The Ladies’ Fellowship often provides for the backpacks.

School supplies, shoes and uniforms are purchased locally. Uniforms and books are very important to school children, as they are not allowed to attend school unless they have both.  Through funds from The Ladies’ Fellowship, 135 school scholarships are provided annually .

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The Lizzie Project Began By Being Obedient to God

Ministry visionary for The Lizzie Project, Rhonda Holton, recalls the initial point when she felt compelled to give $50 to a WGM missionary from Honduras. “Angie Overholt spoke on Missionary Day about the needs of Honduran school children at the missionary service in 2008,” Rhonda said.  “A donation of $50 would supply a school scholarship and a uniform.

“I felt God leading me to give a donation; I simply handed Angie a check for $50 for school needs and walked away.  I never dreamed that this simple act would be the start of an international ministry,” Rhonda recalls.

Rhonda, a neo-natal nurse practioneer in Augusta, GA, accompanied the Indian Springs mission team in 2009 to Choluteca.  In 2011, she went alone.  Perhaps her “mission team of one'”(herself!) was what Rhonda needed to hear God’s voice.  The idea of starting a ministry “just came to her head'” while praying in her bed one night.

On an earlier trip, Rhonda had met Lizzie, a beautiful brown-eyed Honduran child.  Lizzie and her family lived in a 6′ x 8′ slatted home; the walls had huge cracks, the floor was mud and everything the family owned was in plastic bags.  However, the child’s radiant face inspired the beginning of a ministry in Honduras that has improved the lives of dozens of people over the last five years.

Thanks to the generous hearts of many donors and the talented construction team from Ohio and Indian Springs, Lizzie’s family and her grandmother now have more substantial homes.  Other homes in Lizzie’s neighborhood have been built or improved as well.  Building and home repair continues to be a significant part of The Lizzie Project.

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Giving Opportunities

Donations for The Lizzie Project are made through WGM (World Gospel Mission).  Any donation is tax deductible and may be made online or mailed to:

World Gospel Mission, 3783 E. State Road 18, Marion, IN  46952-0948 or your may click here to donate to Scholarships

IMPORTANT:  If your contribution is mailed, designate The Lizzie Project on your check. If giving online, please be certain that the online giving area has a space to specify The Lizzie Project.