Project Overview

The Lizzie Project is a USA-based ministry that shares Christ’s love through scholarships and evangelism to students in Choluteca, Honduras.  Funding for The Lizzie Project provides educational scholarships from kindergarten through vocational school levels.  The ministry was founded in 2009 by Rhonda Holton, President of The Ladies’ Fellowship of Indian Springs.  An annual mission team from Indian Springs (and others) goes to Honduras each year.  The mission team just returned from their annual trip: February 7 – 19, 2018.  It was a very successful trip:  safety, health, great interaction and many backpacks were given out!

See new THE LIZZIE PROJECT website for complete information!

The need is great.  Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, and not all kids can afford an education.

The various projects involves ministry to families in Choluteca, Honduras:

  • Backpack ministry, school uniforms and school supplies
  • Scholarships for Kindergarten – Highs School students
  • Scholarships for local vocational school and nursing school students
  • Ministry within the local Shalom Church, loving people and sharing Christ
  • Community outreach and evangelism
  • Donate Scholarships through WGM

Why Support The Lizzie Project?

Resources provided by The Lizzie Project enable students to go to school for a full academic year.  Funds provide uniforms and books that are required by the government, but not affordable to all families.

In 2018, scholarships were given to 150 students.  A good education increases the quality of life within communities and gives economic opportunities within villages, breaking the multiple-generational cycle of poverty.  Read More…