New to Campmeeting?

Why Camp Meeting?

Beginning in 1890, people came to camp meeting on horseback and buggies.  WHY?

Folks left their farms and homes for ten days after the crops were ‘laid by’ to experience spiritual renewal. Living in tents and meeting under trees, thousands gathered for worship and Bible Study. They spent this time apart, seeking to know God and to deepen their relationship with Him.

WHY should you come to camp meeting today? 

Now, as then, camp meeting is uniquely designed to move you out of your schedule and distractions to experience time in a spiritual environment apart from the world. The experience of Indian Springs Camp Meeting is an opportunity to reflect, refresh and rebuild your personal relationship with God.

At Indian Springs Camp Meeting, you can experience powerful worship services based on unchanging Biblical truths from nationally prominent evangelists and Bible teachers.  Your children and grandchildren can experience the best of ministry programming that will introduce them to Christ and prepare them for a lifetime of godly living.

You can experience  personal growth in your relationship with God and have fellowship within a community of believers. For over a century, Indian Springs’ ministries and programs have been relevant to all aspects of contemporary spiritual life. We hope you will experience camp meeting this year!

God has greatly blessed the work of Indian Springs.  From its altars, numerous generations have been challenged to a deeper walk with Christ.

Daily Schedule

What Should I Wear?

Our activities and worship services are held in open air ‘tabernacles’.  So casual, modest attire is appropriate for all services and activities, particularly in and around the Main Tabernacle.  Bathing suits should be worn only in the recreational areas.

  • Suggested for Women:  Skirts, summer dresses, slacks; please avoid halter or midriff tops, shorts or backless/strapless dresses.
  • Suggested for Men:  Slacks (suits and ties are not necessary).