Missionary Day 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018 – Hosted by World Gospel Mission (WGM) with special observances and missionary speakers at all services throughout the camp.  The main Missionary Service is at 7:30 pm in the Main Tabernacle.

Our 2018 Missionaries:  John & Beth Muehleisen

John and Beth Muehleisen are career missionaries with WGM.  They have served many years in Kenya and Uganda.  Most recently, they have been involved with training African evangelists, church planters and missionaries.

The Muehleisens have a passion to see African leadership blossom as nationals take increasing leadership roles in fulfilling The Great Commission.  God has blessed their ministry as young men and women have moved into key leadership positions.

John serves as the regional strategist for WGM Africa, working with mission and national church ministry teams to clarify goals, develop plans and execute with discipline and excellence.  Beth serves as business manager for WGM Uganda.  Together they are the Community Health Empowerment coordinators for East Africa.

Our Tradition of Missionary Day

missionarykidsOne of the hallmarks of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting has been its involvement with missionaries committed to the understanding and application of Scriptural Holiness. It has been our tradition to support and feature missionaries serving with World Gospel Mission one year and One Mission Society the next year.

Missionary Day has always had a special focus within the life of the camp. Throughout the day, all services in the Main Tabernacle have brief interviews with various members of our missionary families. In addition, one of the adults visits the Children’s, the ‘Tweens’ and Youth programs in order to share the missionary experience with all ages on the camp ground.

Missionary Day ends in a deeply meaningful missionary message followed by a special offering. In 2006, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was so evident after the message, that an offering of $350,000 resulted!

Please keep our missionary families in your prayers for their ministries, their financial support and their safety.

See also The Lizzie Project, a Honduras ministry associated with the Ladies’ Fellowship.

Other Missionary Families

Please continue to offer prayer and financial support to our missionary families.

Prior Missionaries

  • Tom & Tonya Overton – US (2017)
  • Thane & Laura Ury – China (2017)
  • Georges & Laura Vargas – New Mexico (2016)
  • Larry & Angie Overholt – Honduras (2016)
  • Thane & Laura Ury – Hong Kong (2015)
  • David & Lori Long – China (2015)
  • Billy & Joanna Coppedge – Uganda (2014)
  • Billy Wayne & Jenny Fuller – Zambia (2014)
  • David & Linda Crosby – Mexico (2013)
  • Bryan & Leslie Marie Easley – Haiti (2013)
  • Dan & Katy Beth Searls – Hungary (2012)