Preserving our History – Leaving a Legacy

 The Legacy Ladies Project celebrates the lives of Indian Springs women who have impacted their families and the ministry of the campmeeting throughout the years. Participants of the project honor a special woman by writing memories about her for the Legacy Ladies History Book.  These memories are included in a collection of stories that are printed annually.

In addition to the written stories, the Honorees may be honored on the “Tree of Remembrance” Plaque with an Engraved Bronze Leaf.  (See below.)

The Legacy Ladies Project is a fundraiser sponsored by The Ladies Fellowship of Indian Springs.  Funds collected by the project are used to beautify the common areas of the campground.  They also enhance various Workers’ quarters, making them a more functional and inviting place to stay.  Other projects may be related to missions support.

Honoring a special woman in your family’s life makes a wonderful commemorative gift for a birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day.  Gift certificates are available for presentation; see below.

Legacy Memorial Funds

  • Legacy Level #1 – $100:  Information about your Honoree is included in the Legacy History Book, with up to two photos.
  • Legacy Level #2 – $500:  Information about your Honoree is included in 1) Legacy History Book and on 2) an Engraved Bronze Leaf mounted on the Tree of Remembrance (shown below).

The Tree of Remembrance is displayed in a public place at the Campground.

Preserving Our History

Previous histories of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting have chronicled the founding and growth of the Campground, the preachers, the Bible Study leaders, the various improvements made on the grounds, etc.

The Legacy Ladies Project is a different kind of history.  The project captures a sense of what life was like on the campground across the years, as seen through the lives of the women and families who gathered and shared the experiences of campmeeting life.  Each woman’s character, her personality, her spiritual experience and how she influenced family and friends is celebrated.

The Legacy Ladies History Book

The current format of the Legacy Ladies History Book is a loose leaf binder to allow annual additions to be easily made. Eventually, we hope to publish the entire collection in a permanent book format.  Presently, we have write-ups of 59 amazing women who have been a part of Indian Springs!

Consider honoring your wife, mother, grandmother, special friend, teacher, or worker – any special lady who has been a blessing at Indian Springs and an example to those who come after her.

How to Participate

To get started,  contact Mrs. Helen Rhea Stumbo (info below).  She will guide you through the types of information and photographs that are needed to create a meaningful story about your loved one.

Working on the Legacy Ladies Project during campmeeting is a wonderful way to engage your entire family in writing the memorial story/stories. Sharing different memories and encouraging participation of more family members can add meaning to the process and Honoree.  Contributions from several family members is allowed and encouraged!

If you are using the project as a gift, a Gift Certificate is available.  Please allow a month to process the Gift Certificate.

Submittal Process

It takes approximately 4-8 weeks to prepare your Honoree’s story to be ready for printing in the annual version.  There are two ways to submit information:

  • Email Information:  Email all written information, photographs clearly identified with the Honoree’s name and the Donor’ name and address.
  • Mail Information:  Please send all information at one time – i.e., all written material photos and checks; also include Honoree’s name and the Donor’s name and address. Send information and questions to:

Mrs. Helen Rhea Stumbo    401 Stonegate Drive  Nicholasville, KY  40350

Email: (Please include “Indian Springs Legacy Project” in the subject line.)