Cottage Assessments

All cottage and mobile home owners on the campground are required to pay an annual assessment and their individual cottage water bill.  This assessment helps cover the operating and maintenance expenses of the campground.  The Business Office sends out yearly invoices for these payments.

The breakdown for cottage ownership is as follows:

  • Annual Assessment for the Current Year @ $400
  • Water Bill for Prior Year @ actual rate of meter reading of your individual cottage or mobile home; the Business Office includes this amount with your annual bill.

Assessments and the water bill are due to be paid to Indian Springs Holiness Campground by June 30 of each year.

Payments should be sent to:  Rob Roy MacGregor, 3342 GA HWY 135, Ailey, GA  30410 or email at

How to Build or Buy a Cottage (3 Important Forms)

As of July 14, 2021, the below forms have been updated:

Information Check List for Forms:

  • Have you included a check?
  • Have you signed and dated each form?
  • Have you read Clauses 7, 8 and 9 on the Cottage Lease Form in regard to usage of cottages, fees and approval of plans?

When completed, send form(s) to:

Dr. Ken Banter
301 Knoxville St.
Fort Valley, GA 31030

Email    Cell (478) 960-2255  Home (478) 825-8293

Purchase of a cottage or approval to build a cottage is final only when signed by the Chairman of the Indian Springs Cottage Holders Committee indicating approval by the Indian Springs Board of Trustees.

The Board meets twice a year during campmeeting. You will be notified of action taken on your request.

Use of Cottages at Indian Springs

Dear Cottage Holders:

Due to the increasing popularity of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting, we have a number of people who are interested in acquiring a place on the grounds. There is currently a shortage of places available for those who wish to stay on the grounds and attend services. It is the desire of the Board of Trustees, through the Cottage Holders Committee, to encourage the use of cottages by enforcement of the Lease Agreement signed by all Cottage Holders.

Article 8 of the Cottage Lease agreement states: “Cottage Holder shall primarily utilize the lot and cottage for attendance during the annual camp meeting held on the Camp Ground. It is understood by Cottage Holder that the primary purpose of this Lease is to encourage attendance by Cottage Holder and the relatives and guests of Cottage Holder at camp meeting. Failure by Cottage Holder to utilize Lot and cottage for this primary purpose shall constitute a default of this lease. “

Article 16 states: “Upon default in the terms of this Lease by Cottage Holder as set forth herein, the Board of Trustees of the Campground may terminate this Lease, and Cottage Holder must either transfer title of cottage located on the Lot to a new Cottage Holder approved by the Board of Trustees of the Campground, or sell the cottage to the Campground at a fair market price.

If you are no longer able to attend Indian Springs and use your cottage as stated above, please contact Ken Banter,, (478) 960-2255, so he can work with you to resolve this matter.

Cottage Holders Committee:  Dr. Ken Banter, Chairman; Hon. Ken Vinson and Dr. Ben Lane

Cottage Repairs or Cleaning

The Board of Trustees no longer recommends various local contractors and persons offering services for cottage maintenance, repair or cleaning.