Indian Springs Motel

Contact Information:

Reservations may be made by contacting Brad or Meghann Easley. Email or phone/text below. Please indicate number of persons staying and the date range of the stay.

Please do not call Caretaker about reservations.

1st Priority Call:  Meghann Easley (859) 753-5850 

2nd Priority Call:  Brad Easley (859) 753-5849

Reservation Deadlines

To secure a Motel room, register with a $40 deposit.  Send deposit check, indicating number of guests in your party, as well as dates needed, to:

Brad Easley
830 High Bridge Road
Wilmore, KY 40390

The Motel provides:

  • Bed linens and towels (replenished)
  • Private bathrooms
  • Air-conditioned rooms

About the Motel

The Gamble-Atkins Motel is a 16-unit, single level facility located near the Main Tabernacle, Cafeteria and Snackateria. Guests are responsible for their own housekeeping. All rooms must be occupied by at least one adult age 19 or older.

Check-in & Check-out Information

Place to Check-in: At Front Desk of HOTEL
Check-in: No earlier than 1 pm on Thursday, the first day of camp
Check-out: No later than end of day on Monday after camp