Dorm Registration:

Register online at Youth Facebook.

Youth Contacts: Mathew (Mat) or Iris Luce

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About the Youth Dorms

Staying in the dormitory adds depth and flavor to the Youth Ministry. Often, young people make friends who become peer support throughout the school year.  The cost for staying in the dormitory is $20 per day. This is exclusive of meal costs; see below.

Two important forms to bring SIGNED to camp:

It’s a Great Life in the Dorm!

  • Basic bunk beds and communal bathrooms
  • Air-conditioned dorms
  • Supervision by experienced youth counselors who oversee dorm-life and participation in activities and services
  • Morning and evening devotional times

Meal Information

  • Per meal limits are $6 for Breakfast and $8 for Lunch and Supper. Additional food is charged separately.
  • Each young person has “Kitchen Police” (KP) duty for one meal each day in the Cafeteria.
  • KP duty may include serving meals, waiting on tables and washing dishes.

Our Youth Say It Best

“Dorm life is bad for sleep, but great for getting to know other guys on a real level! You stop being fake and start being real. The whole fake front lasts for about 3 days before it takes a hike.”

“One of the best aspects of dorm life is time with the counselors who are available for discussion and prayer.”

“I’ve had friends from Indian Springs all through my high school years.  We keep in touch during the year.”

“Dorm life gives kids the opportunity to open up and have fellowship with one another. You are able to confide in counselors and get advice from friends who have already been through these waters. A counselor is an older, wiser friend who can sometimes say what parents can’t.”