…We could hear the growing excitement in his voice as James, our 12-year old grandson, asked us to slow down so he could take a picture of the entrance of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting in Flovilla, Georgia.  His granddad, not quite keyed into what was coming down, stopped, thinking James would want to get a good angle for his picture, but James exclaimed, “No, no, don’t stop, I got the picture.  Keep going!”

He was sitting on the edge of the backseat, clearly eager to get to our cabin to see the friends he hadn’t seen in a year. As we approached the cabin, he spotted his friends running to greet him.  He urged my husband to stop in the middle of the road and jumped out even as the car stopped rolling.  The drive suddenly didn’t seem so long and tiring as our spirits fed off their excitement as they yelled greetings and ran to hug each other.

After nearly a decade, it’s become a familiar ritual.  Our grandkids count the days and keep social media hot all year long with messages back and forth among their friends.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

(An article by Dr. Janice Crouse, published in American Thinker, August 10, 2016; used with permission.)