Calling all Men With Vision!  Don’t miss the opportunity to put your construction and repair skills to good use at the Campground!  Our Snackateria needs some TLC and maintenance!

Gather October 9 – 13 2017, for the Fall Work Week of Men With Vision.  Enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of like-minded men.

For several years now, Men With Vision have been providing a vital service for Indian Springs by assisting our Caretaker, Winky Carlock, with needed repair, renovation and new construction on various buildings.

If you are able to participate in this project, please contact Rob Roy MacGregor or call (912) 585.2608.  It would be great if our men could give one or more days to work together on this imporotant project.

Our time, talents and treasures are on loan for us from God.  

Give them away with unlimited generosity!