Dear Indian Springs Family:

As a member of the Indian Springs community, it is essential that our Board of Trustees maintain a strong connection with each of you and your families.

I’m writing to explain an upcoming project to help the Board better understand the needs and preferences of our camp meeting attendees.

As we face opportunities to grow, maintain and flourish within our camp meeting community, we will pause to learn new facts to prepare us for the future.

As such, the Board has commissioned a brief online survey to better understand each of your individual and collective needs and preferences regarding our annual Camp Meeting.

Working in partnership with Asbury University, this upcoming online survey is a critical component of an Economic Impact Study being developed and deployed by Asbury University students who are currently enrolled in MKT 441 – Marketing Research, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Ross, Professor of Marketing within Asbury’s Dayton School of Business. 

Beyond capturing your specific needs and preferences of camp meeting life, a key purpose of the online survey is to collect data on any of your families’ camp-related purchases which you may make before, during, and after our annual Camp Meeting event. Examples of these expenditures are groceries, restaurants, fuel, building supplies, furniture, appliances and general services.

Providing this purchase data through the online survey will enable the Board to pursue continued expansion of the physical camp area, along with the necessary zoning changes required to support this expansion.

Please note that the survey is online only. To participate, you will need access to a PC or Mac computer connected to the internet.  Importantly, this survey is for research purposes only, and your individual responses will be maintained by Dr. Ross and will remain confidential.

Please be on the lookout for a separate email that contains the actual online survey, coming within the next couple of weeks! We’ll need your participation to make this Economic Impact Study successful!

Thank you! May God continue to bless you and your family through Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting.

In Him,

Dr. Ken Banter