On May 20, 2017, Rev. Marcus Butler brought the devotion for the Annual Indian Springs Day of Prayer. He told the attendees that on the date of May 20, 1738, Charles Wesley and friends were praying for Charles who was ill. This group was also wrestling with spiritual matters and the assurance of their salvation.

From that prayer meeting, Charles gave his heart to Christ. Several days later, his brother, John Wesley, also prayed for his salvation and felt his heart “strangely warmed”, and he, too, experienced the assurance of his own salvation.

John and Charles Wesley went on to lead the great Methodist revival that changed English society. Wesleyan theology became the backbone of the holiness movement in the late 1800s which created hundreds of camp meetings, including Indian Springs.

Marcus closed by saying that if the Wesleys and their friends had not gathered to pray in 1738, that we probably wouldn’t be having camp meeting 279 years later! “Aren’t you glad they prayed?” he asked. “I believe someone, somewhere will be glad we are praying, too.”

President Steve Luce has asked for the camp family to pray daily for our encampment July 13 – 23, 2017.