In mid June, Mercy Tanner started fund raising for Indian Springs missions with a lemonade stand.

In addition, she organized and put on a garage sale. The proceeds for both entrepreneurial endeavors brought in $211.15 for missions.

“The teachings of the Campground are running deep in the hearts of our children”, Indian Springs President Steve Luce said. “Young ones like Mercy are understanding the message about what we teach on missions and living it out in what they do.”

The “Glenn Kids” have a high awareness of missions through the Children’s Ministry that meets daily from 9:30 am – Noon.  Their curriculum has a strong focus on missions each year.  In prior years, other “Glenn Kids” have initiated various fund-raising projects such as selling home-made jewelry and frogs!

Mercy, 10, is the granddaughter of Greg and Barb Rose. Mercy attends the Children’s Ministry in the Glenn Tabernacle.