Eight weeks prior to camp, Dan and Katy Beth Searls expressed excitement about their new leadership role in the Indian Springs ‘Tweens program.  The dynamic ‘Tweens Ministry is for 6th – 8th Graders.  Dan and Katy Beth explained this year’s theme, “Come, Follow Me”.

Dan stated, “Most of our ‘Tweens come from a Christian background.  However, being a Christian is about more than loving Jesus.  This first step is to follow Him.”

The theme will present ‘Tweens with practical spiritual principles they can readily apply.  “We want to prepare ‘Tweens to take courageous steps for Christ when they get back home, start school and face peer pressure, social media and other challenges,” Dan continued.

Katy Beth asked a significant question: “What does ‘Holiness Unto the Lord’ mean when you are in the 7th grade?  Our theme will give explanations and applications of this important biblical truth.  A relationship with Jesus can help teens make good decisions throughout high school.  It can give their lives victory today by developing wholeness, preventing scars and consequences that lead to brokenness and regret.”

Recreation time in the afternoon and evening will be “intentional hanging out”.  Kids are encouraged to use this leisure time to interact with their peers or members of the ‘Tweens Team.  Activities may be beading, athletic games or one on one conversation.

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