You are invited to attend Indian Springs’ first-ever Food Truck Event! This unique event is sponsored by The Bridge, our newest ministry for young adults.

On Saturday, July 15, 2023*, at 1 pm – 2:45 pm, a food truck will be located by the Book Store Lawn, serving free lunches! Two hundred lunches are available.

MInistry leader Lewis Crouse says, “At the heart of The Bridge is a goal for people of all ages to get to know one another. This Saturday lunch is not a come and go event; rather, it is a come and stay event.” Lewis adds, “We want people to pick up their lunch and eat with someone of a different generation. We hope the food truck experience will encourage new relationships between our young adults and others within our camp meeting family.”

There are many shaded areas near the Food Truck for people to gather, eat, and share the grace of God with one another. Come, enjoy a free meal, and build new relationships! (Must be present to eat; one meal per person!)

*Please note that this information was stated in The Circuit Rider with an erroneous date of June 15. We’re not in camp meeting then! So sorry for the mistake! Event is July 15, 2023, 1 pm – 2:45 pm.