The new manager at the Snackateria is Whitney Keane of Alpharetta, Georgia.  Whitney’s love of the Snackateria began at age 14 when Linda and Kirby Tracy were mangers in the mid-1980s.  Whitney and the Tracy’s son, Scott, would make ice cream and “roll the coins” after an evening’s work at the Snack.  Whitney reflects, “It was the best non-job experience ever – working with your friends and making ice cream.  Who could ask for more?”.

Whitney certainly has asked for more by becoming the current manager of the Snackateria beginning this summer!  She will be assisted by members of her extended Thompson/Weeks family who will collaborate with various responsibilities.

To prepare for the new role, Whitney had lengthy discussions with each managing Snackateria family from prior years.  She wanted to hear what their experiences were and what advice would be given if she assumed the job.  To honor each managing Snackateria family, there will be four defined ordering lines with a marquee letter above the counter to organize the evening’s rush.

At the heart of the new responsibilities, Whitney and the Thompson/Weeks family members are committed to the Snackateria’s main purpose of social connectedness and fellowship.  Whitney says, “The Snackateria brings children, youth and adults together to socialize,” she said.  “Conversations can begin over a burger.  That’s the main reason I knew running the Snackateria was being laid on my heart”.

Snackateria Operating Hours:  Each night after the Evening Service during Camp, except Sunday.  A “soft opening” will occur on Wednesday night, July 11, before camp.