Indian Springs welcomes John and Beth Muehleisen from Uganda as our 2018 missionaries.  The Muehleisens have served with World Gospel Mission (WGM) for 32 years.

John is the regional strategist for WGM Africa, working with mission and national church ministry teams to clarify goals, develop plans and execute with discipline and excellence.  Beth is a business manager for WGM Uganda.  Together, they are the Community Health Empowerment Coordinators for East Africa.

John says, “We continue to learn, day by day, that God is incredibly faithful to us.  Our passion is to see African leadership blossom and take leadership roles in fulfilling the Great Commission.  The young men and women we have worked with are moving into key leadership positions and are doing far more than we missionaries could!”  The Muehleisens love working side-by-side with African church leaders, encouraging and influencing them to be better leaders and deeper followers of Christ.